The Intellectual Law Firm renders services in legal support of business and foreign economic activity to foreign partners, suppliers, manufactures.

We understand the difficulties of getting out and working in the Russian market and we know how to solve them. Our specialists will conduct the necessary negotiations, provide consultations and complete all necessary documents.

Among the basic services of a lawyer in St. Petersburg for foreign citizens are:

  • legal assistance and support when starting a business in Russia
  • support of international transactions
  • verification and preparation of contracts and contracts with Russian counterparties
  • acquisition and lease of land plots by foreign citizens
  • acquisition and rental of real estate for offices and residential premises by foreign citizens
  • acquisition and lease of industrial enterprises and production complexes
  • due diligence, verification of Russian partners
  • support of import and export operations, assistance in obtaining the necessary permits
  • resolution of difficulties with customs at the delivery of products (preparation of documents, calculation of duties, passage)

Entering a foreign market is always not only an expansion of opportunities, but also a great financial risk. We help to minimize it, thereby saving your time, money and nerves.